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Aerial Photography & Videography



Sometimes the scale of a property is so large that it can only be appreciated from the air. Utilizing the same equipment as used in Hollywood our aerial photos capture landscape views, city views, and the entire property itself. As you’ll see in the examples below what a huge difference the aerial photo gives the viewer all the information they need to see the full property. Ground photography can’t do that alone. It’s true what they say a picture is worth a 1000 words, especially with what aerials can do for a listing.

Here at Luxury Homes Photography we are fully licensed by the FAA and insured. Laws are very strict now and you don’t want to risk not complying with the FAA and getting fined. If your interested or have any questions, feel free to ask. Below are some examples of ground versus aerial photography.



20385ranchovilla-248As you can see from this example, taking a photo in the air allows you to see that this house sits way up high on a hill, it also shows how deep the property is extending to back back next to the windmill. Without the aerial photo, you would need many photos to do the job of what one aerial photo can capture. Though the ground photo of the main house looks good, it doesn’t compare.


In this example you can see the home has a beautiful pool in the backyard, but what if you only had 1 image to capture the house. With the ground photos you only get the view of what’s in front of you, but with the aerial photos you get the perspective of what in front and below you. Allowing the viewer to see the scale of the house and how it sits right up next to the golf course.

920ranchocir-102Here’s a situation that most realtor’s face. From the front house photo there’s no way to know the size of the lot or that this home has a pool, guest house and stable in the back. Utilizing aerial photography allows you to capture it all in one shot without having to worry that the viewer didn’t go through all the photos in the MLS to see what this home has to offer.


3anthempointe-213webOne of the biggest challenges for ground photos is shooting a very long and wide property. There’s no lens wide enough to capture the entire length of a home and its features. This aerial photo wasn’t too high up, but just high enough to capture the scale of the backyard and also its relation to the lake and golf course.  Its not always about height, its about the composition.