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Below are our pricing for real estate photography. We try to keep things simple and not charge our clients for little details we like to include everything as much as we can into our packages to make things clear and simple. If you have any questions to other special needs you require please feel free to call 702-706-7273 or email using our contact form or directly at info@luxuryhomesphotography.com


  • Includes: photography $60/hr + editing $50/hr
    (for every hour of photography = an hour of editing)
  • 2 Hour Minimum = $220 for every house shoot.
    Includes 2 hours of photography & editing, after 2 hours you will be charged for every hour in 15 minutes incriminates. 
  • All photos will use the best techinque to acheive the final image, HDR, Flash or Manually Blended (High Dynamic Range – Learn More)
  • No limit to the amount of photos, we shoot until the entire property is covered.
  • Virtual Tour Photo Slideshow is included for your clients to view photos online
  • MLS/Webres & High Resolution photo links provided to download once edited.
  • Details/Interiors Photography  + $100
  • Sky Replacements $50/hr, minimum 1 hr.
  • Photography prices are based on usage for the term of the real estate listing. Photos can be used for mls, print & web. Photos cannot be resold, LHP owns full rights to all images.


  • +$75 (if shoot is scheduled at night)
    +$110 (if a return visit to the same listing is required for twilight photos)
  • Example: $295 if shoot is scheduled at night | $330 if day photos were taken and we returned at night to shoot twilight photos


  • Please call or email us with any commercial, interiors/architectural photography inquires. We will send you an estimate with our licensing rates and usage terms.


  • When you need color accurate editorial style photos, lighting is a must.
  • Each property is different, we can recommend you the best option if lighting is necessary.
  • Adding light also increases the time to edit each photo which is included within the price.
  • Example: $720 for a 2 hour shoot. (Photography $220 + Lighting $500)


  • Full cinematic video production. Call for quote.
  • Video of the property with a cinematic feel that provides the viewer an immersive experience of the property.

3D VIRTUAL TOURS – $.06/per sqft



  • All photos & videos require editing.
  • Photography Editing: $50/hr
  • Videography Editing: $75/hr 
  • Photos: For every hour of photography & videography is an hour of editing.
  • Video: Every video project has its own time frame for editing. Call or email us for a quote.


  • For those who need photos ASAP we have RUSH Turnaround as well.
  • Regular Turnaround for photography is 24-48 Hours
  • 24 Hour Turnaround: +$75